Citrus plants originate from tropical and sub tropical South East Asia. Worldwide two thirds are consumed as table fruit, one third either as juice or processed. Citrus is famous for a reasonable high level of Vitamin C and other minerals.

 Easy Peeler | Clementines, Nadourcotts

Packaging: 10kg Open Top
Origin: South Africa

Grapefruits / Star Ruby

The Star Ruby variety was produced by irradiating seed from the Hudson variety in Texas in 1959. It is strongly pigmented until the end of the season, almost seedless, rarely having more than one or two seeds in the minority of fruits. It has a thin rind, a very high juice content and a sweet, less bitter flavour then Marsh.

Packaging: 16kg Open Top, 6,5kg Open Top
Origin: South Africa

Oranges | Benny Valencia

The Benny Valencia is a mid season Valencia type, growing large with a rough skin. The colouration is light orange and it has a good juicing quality. The fruit is stronger than the early Valencia varieties.

Packaging: 15kg Telescopic
Origin: Südafrika

Oranges | Navel, Navel Late

Navels are the earliest maturing of orange varieties, producing seedless fruit of larger size than most others, with a deep orange colour, easily peeled rinds and a rich, sweet and pleasant flavour. The main varieties are Washington and Bahia originating from Brazil in 1822.

Packaging: 15kg Telescopic, 25x in EPS,  1kg/1,5kg/2kg Net
Origin: South Africa

Oranges | Turkey Valencias

The Turkey Valencia belongs to the early Valencia varieties, has a light orange colour and a longish form. It has hardly any seeds, is a good juicing orange and grows medium to large in size. The variety however is known for limited shelf life.

Packaging: 15kg Telescopic, 1kg/1,5kg/2kg Net
Origin: South Africa

Oranges | Valencia Lates

The Valencia Late is the world's most important orange. The fruit is medium to large, roundish-oblong in shape with a well orange colour, moderately thin rind of smooth texture. It has a very high juice content of an outstanding colour and a good flavour, although sometimes slightly acidly except when fully mature.

Packaging: 15kg Telescopic, 1kg/1,5kg/2kg Net
Origin: South Africa

Lemons| Eureka

Of Californian origin from seeds imported from Sicily in 1858, it was first released as Garey's Eureka but soon became known simply as Eureka. It is the most widely grown lemon variety in the world. Rind thickness is medium to thin and the fruit has a high juice content with a high acid level. Often the fruit is seedless, rarely more than five seeds.

Packaging: 15kg Telescopic, 500g/1kg Net
Origin: South Africa, Argentina