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Star South

Founded in 2003, Star South was initially established as a wholesaler in the South African fruit market. The company has since built a well balanced portfolio of international clients and suppliers within a reliable distribution and supplier network. Star Souths' vision is to develop an optimized global supply chain. Their mission is sustainable profitability for all and to meet always their commitments. Star South supplies various International regions within the retail, wholesale and processing sectors with individually tailored shipments in terms of quality and quantity.

Products: black figs, pomegranates

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Franschoek Marketing (Pty) Ltd. / F1

Franschoek Fruit Packers is based in the picturesque Franschoek, surrounded of mountains and about 50km from Cape Town. The valley is known for an exceptional stonefruit quality. Franschoek Marketing has 78 producers (all shareholders) and 5 directors. Since 2013 next to the packhouse in Franschoek there is also a new packing facility in Robertson.

Products: all varieties of red, yellow and dark plums, as well as peaches, nectarines and apricots, Bon Chretien, Satsaumas, Clementines and Eurekas


Groenheuwel Boedery

Groenheuwel Boedery is based in Augrabies Falls directly on the mighty Orange River close to the boarder to Namibia and one of our organic citrus suppliers. The family Spangenberg does not only grow organic Lemons and organic Oranges, but they also have a good production of pomegranates. In conventional farming they are a very successful producer of seedless and seeded table grapes for exports.

Products: organic Lemons, organic Oranges, Prime Seedless, Thompson Seedless, Regal Seedless, Crimson Seedless

Bio Grapefruit Star Ruby

Limpopo Citrus

Guy Whitaker was supplying us straight from the beginning with excellent Star Ruby and all varieties of Valencia Oranges out of the Northern Limpopo region. Meanwhile there are three farms packing for the Limpopo Citrus brand: Fraaifontein (about 300.000 cartons), Ratho (about 350.000 cartons) and Modena (about 300.000 cartons). Due to the desert like climate and very little rainfall the usage of pesticides and fungicides is limited to an absolut minimum.

Products: Eureka, Star Ruby, Turkey Valencia, Limpopo Seedless, Juval, Benny Valencia, Midknights, Delta Seedless, Valencia Lates

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RuBisCo. Pty Ltd.

Hubert Leclerq founded in 2010 together with three suppliers the export company RuBisCo. They are mainly marketing fruit from their own farms, but also from independant producers. The strength of RuBisCo is mainly stonefruit with about 800.000 cartons and also with about 250.000 cartons of table grapes export. The "flagship" of the plum sales are the "Ben-Dor" varieties which origin from Israel.

Products: Imperial, Transvalia, Alpine, Fortune, Laetitia, Larry Ann, African Delight, Angeleno, Sunkiss, Sun Supreme, Songold, Black Pearl, Lamoon, Inbar, Sun Breeze, African Gold, Sapphire, Ruby Star, Green Red, Crocodile Dundee, Sweet Christine, Stav, Purple Majesty

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Safpro Pty Ltd.

Safpro was founded 1997. The first exports of fruit were successfully done in 1998 with citrus. Later on followed by apples and pears. Mark and Craig Jensen belong to the top exporters out of the Eastern Cape around Port Elizabeth, who supply constantly top quality fruit for supermarket programs.

Products: Bon Chretien, Rosemarie, Flamingo, Packhams Triumph, Forelle, Abate Fetel, Golden Russet Bosc as well as Royal Gala, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Sundowner, Top Red, Fuji and the whole range of Easy Peelers, Lemons and Oranges.

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Southern Fruit Growers

Southern Fruit Growers is based in Somerset West, about 50 km North of Cape Town, diretly at the Helderberg Mountains. Fruit is grown on farms with a partnership agreement and own farms, located at the Mighty Orange River, the Hex River Valley and the Langkloof area and Patensie. Due to the direct involvement in farming operations a constant supply of fruit is possible. The main markets for the fruit are US/Canada, Europe and the Middle and Far East.

Products: All varieties of white, red and black seedless and white, red and black seeded table grapes, as well as Williams Bon Chretien, Packhams Triumph, Rosemarie, Forelle, Beurre Bosc, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Top Red and Fuji and the whole range of Lemons, Easy Peeler and Oranges.

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SRCC is the single biggest exporter of citrus in South Africa with about 8,5 Mio. cartons. The headquarter is based in Addo (about 80 km from Port Elizabeth). The fruit is packed in three packhouses, but only the Kirkwood packhouse is packing organic citrus. The organic citrus marketing is handled by the SOGA group, which was founded in 2005 and exists out of four producers which concentrated fully on the organic citrus production.The special characteristics of this group is a strong coherence and a massive bond. "I believe man has a God given purpose to be a custodian of our enviroment for future generations and that organic living is a sustainable means to that end." Johnny Ferreira

Products: organic Lemons, organic Oranges, Navel, Navel Lates, Midknights, Valencia Lates, Eureka, Nadourcotts

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The Grape Company

The Grape Company was founded in 1997 in order to export local table grapes. Since then, there is a steady growth from the producers, but also from the clients' side who were in a position to grow together. Grape Co. is spezialised in the export of table grapes and during the season 2018 5,8 Mio. cartons were exported. The strength of the company is that in all major production areas top quality producers are packing under The Grape Co. brand. This is from Mpumalanga, the Oriver River, Piketberg/Berg River and the Hex River Valley.

Products: Prime Seedless, Sugraone, Thompson Seedless, Flame Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Ralli Seedless, Midnight Beauty, Sable Seedless, Autumn Royal, Den Ben Hannah, Alphonse Lavallee La Rochelle, Bonheur, Barlinka, Dauphine

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Core Fruit Paarl

The Core Fruit model is very simple – by linking top growers’ produce with key markets, we ensure that every grade of fruit is placed with the most suitable market, providing the grower with sustainable returns for their crops.

Core believes that business transparency is the key to building strong and long-term relationships with clients. With extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the fruit industry, we are able to provide every client with smart, innovative solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs. We are proud to partner with the best South African growers and together lead the way towards a socially and environmentally sustainable agricultural industry.

Products: Sortiment: all varieties of white, red and black seedless grapes, all varieties of red, yellow, dark plums, including aprictos and nectarines, as well as all varieties of apples, pears, oranges, easy peeler, avocados and pomegranates.


Icon Fruit Paarl

Icon Fruit is a stone fruit export specialist, a joint venture between Cape Fresh Produce and the Unlimited Group.

ICON Fruit is a joint venture between the Unlimited Group and Cape Fresh Produce. It was established in 2020
Seeks itself as leading stone-fruit export company. ICON Fruit delivers an attractive portefolio of the best pluots,
plums and cherry plums, as well as yellow and white flesh nectarines from South Africa. Their supply is stretching
from the Klein Karoo to Ceres and the Winelands.

Icon Fruit aims to produce and supply the highest quality stone fruit, bringing together traditional varieties with new designer cultivars of plums, pluots, apricots, peaches, cherries and nectarines. Our farms in South Africa are geographically diverse, ensuring a consistent and dependable supply.

Products: all varieties of red, yellow and dark plums, including apricots and nectarines, as well as all varieties of apples, pears, oranges and easy peeler.

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Orex was founded by its shareholders, the Spangenberg and Nel family, in 1997, Orex Exports (Pty) Ltd which focuses on the export of deciduous fruit, including citrus fruit and grapes, all over the world. As well as this, the business produces the packaging for the fruit, which it exports to some of the major supermarkets across the world, including upmarket British supermarket chain Waitrose.

All the produce is exported through Orex Export is cultivated on the farms in Zwartbooisberg, Krantzberg, Krismar, Augrabies, Warmzand, Vaalhoek and J.H.Retief, which are situated in the Lower Orange River Valley, South Africa – an area developed around agriculture, specifically irrigation farming.

Products: Organic lemons, organic oranges



Approximately 200 kilometres north of Cape Town, in the fertile province of the Western Cape, there is a plateau surrounded by the rugged Cederberg Mountain range. Further north of the town Ceres, aptly named after the Roman Goddess of Fruitfulness, at 1050 metres above sea level, lies the Koue Bokkeveld.

This is where the forefather of one of South Africa’s leading fruit and vegetable growers, Dutoit Agri, established the basis for which was to become one of the country’s largest agricultural businesses. Gysbertus du Toit (I) settled on Kromfontein Farm more than 120 years ago. An imposing man, who, if around today, would have smiled at what subsequent generations have achieved.

Products: Apples, Pears, Stonefruit, Vegetables

Nektarinen Dutoit


Delecta was founded in 1997 by Jonathan Gersh and De Villiers Graaff and initially focused on exporting seedless grapes to North America. From humble beginnings, Delecta established itself as one of the leading multi-category exporters of fresh produce. Today Delecta is owned by leading producers and exports 245 different varieties to 46 countries across the globe.

Seeing that South African exports were deregulated 1997, Delecta is one of the oldest privately owned export companies operating in South Africa. In this context Delectas’ growers’ roots stretch back to the beginning of the fruit export and refrigeration in South Africa, with specifically the Graaff and Dicey families involved.

Putting this into context, the Graaff family was the very first to establish refrigeration in South Africa. Where the first South African fruit was exported by Cape Orchard Company, founded by Delecta shareholders, the Dicey family’s great grandfather.

From these bold beginnings our existing shareholder growers have stood the test of time and are proud to be building forth their production footprint across the fresh fruit industry.

Products: Pomefruit, Stonefruit, Citrus, Blueberries



Freshgold SA Exports, based in Cape Town, South Africa, is ideally located between top fresh produce areas and the Port of Cape Town. Pride, honesty and mutual respect between ourselves, our clients and our producers drive the Freshgold Team to constantly pursue excellence.

Freshgold sources only the finest quality fruit from around the globe. Only the best fruit is good enough for the Freshgold cartons. They have a well-established reputation as market leaders in creating lasting relationships with both producers and clients. Their  world-class service and the Freshgold mark of quality ensures the integral link between farmers and retailers remains fruitful.

Products: Pomefruit, Stonefruit, Citrus

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