Environmental commitment

Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation

For every 500gr. plastic tray  which we sell and replace by a paper or cardboard tray, we donate € 0,01 to the 'Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation' in Cape Town, South Africa.

Donation 2019

Donation 2020

This donation will be used for the turtle conservation and research program. The 'Two Oceans Auarium Education Foundation' is a public benefit organisation with a mission to develop and drive scientifically and socially sound education, conservation and research programmes and campaigns, which contribute to the protection and well-being of our oceans. (PBO N°: 93 00 61 845 / Tax Ref: 0638 / 969 / 25 / 3)

Follow some of the rescued turtles on their journeys.

Turtle Rehab 2020 review

Donations are more than welcome!




Another organisation which we support in South Africa is „Plantastic“.  They also have the aim to reduce plastic in the oceans! Together with help form lots of other people, they collect plastic bags, save the GPS coordinates, make a picture and therafter the bags are washed, cut and wonderful  bracelets are made. Together with help from the „plastic worriers“ which enables them to additional income while cleaning up our enviroment. All profits are donated to the Two Oceans Aquarium, too. (2018/344679/08).


DSD "Duales System"

All our duties for plastic imports into Europe are paid to the „Duales System“.

Our certificate


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