Quality was for us since we started a fundamental necessity. It was and will be part of our philosophy and principle of our success which is based on trust in our suppliers.

IFS Broker

Audits and certifications create confidence. FFC is accredited for many years as per IFS Broker standard. The IFS has been developed by representatives of the European fruit trade in the year 2003 and comprises inspection and certification of processes which ensure food safety and quality standards.

Our IFS certificate


Our organic assortment certainly is in accordance with the requirements of the EU organic regulations under (EWG) N°. 834/2007.

Our organic certificate

Global Gap

All our partners in the production are certified by Global Gap. This system guarantees a worldwide standard for agricultural products from sowing till sales to the final consumer.

Laboratory Examinations

Our products are laboratory-tested for residues of pesticides and herbicides on a very regular basis. Our preferred partner is GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik which is located in Hamburg directly on the wholesale market. Consequently we are towards our clients always up to date with residue analyses.

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