Labrunier is the largest table grape producer in Brazil. Grapes are grown in 5 areas located in the towns of Casa Nova and Juazeiro, in the State of Bahia, and Petrolina and Lagoa Grande in the State of Pernambuco. Modern irrigation and growing techniques guarantee production sustainability, reducing water consumption and environmental impacts. Nowadays, Labrunier has the world´s largest experimental area for new varieties of table grapes.

Products: Thompson, Sugar Crisp, Sweet Globe, Sweet Sunshine, Cotton Candy,Timco, Sweet Mayabelle, Crimson, Sweet Celebration, Jack´s Salute, Sweet Surprise, Sweet Saphire


Kuará Fruits

Kuará Fruits (Kuará Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas Ltda) - was founded in 2021 by Arnaldo and Daniel Eijsink.
Arnaldo Eijsink has 35 years of experience in grape growing and has specialized in the technicalities of cultivation
in Petrolina. Arnaldos' son Daniel has also been involved in grape export for over 10 years. He has
excellent contacts in the USA, England, Europe and the Middle East. At the moment there are three farms that supply Kuará Fruits
with exclusively seedless grapes.

Products: Autumn Crisp, Sugar Crisp, Sweet Globe, Timpson, Brs Isis, Scarlotta, Timco

kuara frutas
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