Table grapes are grapes intended for consumption while they are fresh, as opposed to grapes grown for wine production, juice production, or for drying into raisins. Table varieties usually have lower sugar content than wine grapes and are more flavorful when eaten. Their flavors, however, do not survive fermentation and their low sugar content means that any wine produced from them is weak, bland-tasting and easy to deteriorate.

Grapes | white seedless

The most popular variety talking about white seedless grapes are Thompson Seedless. This is the most important variety worldwide with an area under cultivation of about 400.000 ha. Mr. William Thompson was the first person breeding a Thompson in California, USA.

Early Sweet, Prime Seedless, Sugarone, Thompson Seedless, Autumn Queen, Sugar Crisp, Timpson, Autumn Crisp, Arra15, Sweet Globe, Cotton Candy

Packaging: 4,5kg carton, 500g punnets
Origin: Brazil, Nambibia,  South Africa, Chile, India, Egypt, Spain

Grapes | white seeded

White seeded grapes usually have an oval form berry size and a green to golden coluration. The taste is sweet and very juicy. The most popular varieties are Italia, Victoria and Dauphine.

Victoria, Dauphine

Packaging: 4,5kg carton
Origin: South Africa

Grapes | black seedless

The most popular variety of black seedless grapes are Midnight Beauty and Sable Seedless, both SunWorld varieties from the USA. Their colouration is dark blue, sometimes nearly pitch black. Sables have a round form, Midnights are oval. Other varieties are Autumn Royal and Desert Seedless.

Midnight Beauty, Sable Seedless, Autumn Royal, Melody, Adora Seedless, Sweet Enchantment, Vitoria/Francis

Packaging: 4,5kg carton, 500g punnets
Origin: South Africa, Chile, Brazil

Grapes | black seeded

One of the most famous black seeded grape varieties is Dan Ben Hannah. It is a dark purple to full black colour, medium and round berries and has next to the sweet taste also a herb note. Later on the La Rochelle takes over most of the shelf space. It has a sweet taste, large and crispy berries and has strong legs which makes it attractive for retailers as well.

Black Gem, Dan Ben Hannah, La Rochelle, Barlinka, Sweet Jubilee

Packaging: 4,5kg carton
Origin: South Africa, Brazil

Grapes| red seedless

The shooting star of the past years for red seedless grapes is the variety Crimson Seedless. It has a longish berry, is firm and crispy with a sweet taste. Other varieties like Starlight, Ralli Seedless and Scarlotta also have an extremely good acceptance throughout the client base.

Flame Seedless, Starlight, Crimson Seedless, Ralli Seedless, Scarlotta, Jack´s Salute, Timco, Sweet Celebration, Arra 13, Krissy, Tawny Seedless, Joybell, Arra29, Krissy, Magenta, Allison

Packaging: 4,5kg carton, 500g punnets
Origin: Namibia, South Africa, Chile, Brazil

Grapes| red seeded

The most popular variety of red seeded grapes is a Red Globe. The bunches have a conic to roundish form with large to extra large size. The berries are round, have a light (pink) to full red colouration and a thick and crispy skin.

Red Globe, African Delight

Packaging: 4,5kg carton
Origin: Peru, South Africa, Chile

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